Friday, May 2, 2014

Well...its Friday. What did I do this week? Whoop Whoop Friday!

What a week of sewing I had. I have been working on an I Spy quilt but I know when I need a break....that is when I am ripping out more than I am sewing in!
 So I set it aside and started some placemats. No pictures yet as I am in the middle of the set of four, but I use so many colors I never know which color thread to use for the FMQ'ing on the top so I used invisible thread on one side. More on that later!  My grand daughter is visiting for the weekend, so I reorganized the guest room. I am working on, what I call, a Garden Quilt for the bed spread for that room. So far this is what I have gotten done....

The pink dust ruffle will be replaced with either white or green... I prefer green if I can find one. White will clash with the white "fence". The "head board" is a white garden trellis with twinkle lights, purple tulle type fabric drapped and silk flowers here and there. Looks really good and the kids love it! I have to get a frame for the bed to get it up off the floor (so much storage space going to waste without it!) and I have made some decorative pillows, but they aren't stuffed yet. White furniture in the room...all from yard sales!

In addition, I have done a lot of reorganization in my sewing room..  I think the best thing I ever did was put my two tables so I sit between them...pressing and cutting table behind me as I am sewing on the other table...literally just a turn to press as needed and then turn back to sew! I just wish I could get some nicer tables, but the one I covered with a pretty contact paper so that helps, and the other is plastic top with a rough pattern top so the paper won't stick to it, but oh well. It is great as is! And I will be replacing the cover on the pressing board. Have NO idea how it got so much black..whatever.. on it! I can't even remember the last time I used black fabric! But a new will just help the room look nicer!   Thought I had a picture but guess not! 
Tomorrow tho.. no sewing. I plan on being at the plant nursery in the morning to get some flowers and bushes to plant in my back yard. I have not much to work with as in the desert...low on water and high on heat but I have a little part at the patio.. I am putting in Lavender, Butterfly Bushes and some colorful flowers. I plan to spend some time on the patio this spring/summer and do some reading. Sometimes I wish I could move my sewing machine out there! And my hummingbirds are all coming back..last summer we counted 10 and 2 never left for the winter and now...5 are here so my feeders are being used and I have seed and water for the "regular" birds.

Well, on to the errands for the day. No sewing today either!
1.  Get gas.
2.  Go to AAA to renew license/registration for our 2 cars
3.  Wash my pride and joy.. my 2002 Chevy Malibu - in perfect condition inside and out...GD's named "her" Malley.
4.  Check the thrift store for new fabric or craft supplies
5.  Grocery store for special items for the grand daughter coming this week (what does a 14 year old socialite like?)
6.  Go to bank and pay husband forgot to mail it in and it was due yesterday!
7.  Stop at Post office for mail
8.  Pick up lunch - my treat for the food! I get it once a week and ONLY off the value menus!
Then get home and start getting things ready for GD tonight and our weekend! Okay, so I am tired already!

Have a great weekend everyone...check out the Linky Partys (in the tab at the top of my blog page) for some great, and I do mean great!... ideas from sewing to cooking to hand crafts to...organizations and gardening and so much more!
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  1. Love the fence around the bed - what a clever way to add a border on a quilt that drops down the side of the mattress perfectly. Just wonderful planning!

  2. The I Spy quilt is going to be so fun, and I love how you're sprucing up the guest bed. That will be beautiful!

  3. I love your I SPY, I need to make one with 8 grandbabies it would be fun..


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