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Grow Your Blog Blog Hop....Jan 25, 2015 And a Giveaway

Hello fellow quilters and sewers!  It starts today! The Grow Your Blog blog hop hosted by

Vicki at 2 Bags Full

2 Bags Full

This is just a day we spend blog hopping and learning and sharing things about our talents. I participated last year and had a blast, both in following and joining blogs as well as hosting my own blog with a giveaway. So...I am participating again this year! For the full list of bloggers participating in the hop....go to Vicki's blog.....2 Bags Full and join in with so many craft bloggers and all the inspiration you will find. I know I get great inspiration from other quilters to help keep me going with the craft... so many ideas and new techniques and so many friendly "cyber" quilting friends!

Now, on to the hop!

Welcome to my world of Fabric and Memories! Both have been a huge part of my life....all of my life! My grand mother taught me how to embroidery when I was 8.  My mom taught me to sew and I made my first skirt when I was 10. Grandpa said it was to short and didn't think I should be allowed to wear it, but Mom said it was fine! So I wore it! It was a pretty green and blue large flowers on beige, was upholstery fabric. Why Mom gave me that to make a skirt from, I have no idea, but I made it, loved it and wore it!

I have had a needle and thread (or yarn or embroidery floss!) in my hand ever since. I later learned to do needle point and crewel. I made my entire wardrobe of clothes from 7th grade through high school...and then my daughters clothes until she was in the 6th grade and respectfully asked for a "store bought dress". I knew then that my time had come to an end. It was time to stop making clothes! I went into home decor and crewel pictures for my walls.  Throw pillows, a small quilt or two, and then eventually, stopped sewing because I was working full time, 2 kids and just didnt' have time for it anymore. For my first grand daughters second birthday, I made her 13 outfits..shorts/top and dresses. My daughter refused to let her wear "homemade" things (I think I might have scared her for life!) So, I stopped sewing.  Later, I learned about scrapbooking. Memories all over the place! I made the most extravagant layouts you can imagine! Yes, I was proud of my work there. I opened a "dot com" online store and sold "punch art" items that I had made. Did okay, but then was diagnosed with a tumor in my head behind my eye and although surgery went fine, (not cancerous, thank God!) it was like they killed my "crafting" nerve, as I couldn't make myself even look at scrapbook things anymore. I eventually had to admit I wasn't going to scrapbook anymore and sold probably half (or more!) of my supplies. I did day care for my two grand daughters and always had some kind of craft for them to do, but it did nothing to induce my own crafty talents.

Then one day, my little 4 year old Grand daughter said to me... "Nanny, I need you to make me a princess dress". I asked her" why do you need a princess dress?" She said to me "Well, I am my Daddy's princess ain't I?" I said, "yes". She said, "well, how can I be his princess if I don't have a beautiful princess dress to wear?" That did it. I pulled out the old Singer and went and paid FULL PRICE for some sparkely, glittery fabric and made her a beautiful pink sparkle princess dress! She loved it...and that is how it all started again. And then she asked for a pilgrim dress for I made her one!

A year later, I moved into my first (owned) house and got the machine out and started sewing..decided I wanted to quilt again, so I did! Learned alot since I quilted 25 years ago, but loved it and even bought anew Singer sewing machine as the old Singer didn't FMQ very well!

Fast forward to 2015...I have made so many quilts and back packs and other things.. I have been told by my kids.."no more quilts, no more totes, no more...anything, Mom! We don't have room for any more!". So...I am working on shifting prospective on final "homes" for my creations! But everything I have made for them has a memory for them..whether it be a favorite character of their "childhood" or a special time with Nanny (Me!) or just a theme of something they liked "as a kid". There are memories in every stitch!

Thanks to Vicki at 2 Bags Full for hosting this blog hop... and now for the giveaway.
You can have 2 entries per person. First,tell me what project is first on your list this year or what you are planning to do with your chosen craft this year. Second entry... tell me how you follow my blog. If you are not  currently  following my blog, I'd love to have you join me. I don't Tweet, Facebook or Instagram, so follow via email or Goggle Friends or Blog Lovin'.  Just tel me how you follow!

Don't forget to include contact information so I can contact you!
  Drawing will be held on February 15, 2015.

The giveaway is 2 Christmas theme fat quarters!   

You won't be innodated with posts to your inbox. I just share what I have done/learned in hopes of helping and encouraging and inspiring others to stay with their talent and hobby to help make their memories last "forever" a quilt, a dress, a pouch... whatever you create and make...make it with memories in every stitch.
 My first project is...crazy quilts and crazy christmas stockings! I am researching techniques and procedures and will be making a post about them, so if you are interested..make sure you join my blog so you can follow what I've learned and do your own!

This is what I kind of threw together one night....the fabrics are all "imitation" satin and I also learned how to use the braiding foot to sew down the gold braid and the beads! I am looking forward to working more with it!

I have my Gallery (tab above) that shows alot of the things I have made in the past 3 years and I have been working this blog for 2 years now also. I love quilting, sewing and have a nice sewing room and just spend quality time making .....fabric memories

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Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

Monday, January 5, 2015

5 Days in and...kind of proud of myself!

5 days into the new year... and I am surprised at what I have done! One of my goals this year is to learn new things and try new techniques and patterns.

Last month I made a quilt for my brother....he is the guitar man and I found this great guitar print.....
So now I have to start one for my sister and came up with this... as I couldn't find any appropriate "cat" fabric as she loves cats. But I did get a great cat theme fleece for the back.
The blue you see is my design wall.... a fleece blanket with a casing on top with an expansion front of the closet in my sewing room!  But here is a block....

The block is only up the the middle of that X...the blocks together make the X. I thought it pretty cool.. X's and diamonds. It is all HST's and I made 16 blocks and then I think I'll just add borders. Anything more will be to busy. I was kind of proud of myself for making the blocks "perfect" enough that points matched and the X's were made exact as possible!

But getting tired of looking at those colors and making the blocks had my eyes crossed...I took breaks.. and worked on this one....

 On Cyber Monday I bought 4 charm packs. I don't like charm packs because they have so many colors/prints... but nothing matches. I bought 4 thinking I'd have enough to make enough HST's to do something with and they were on sale for 83 cents each! I intend to  give this to a friend, so the fact that I dont' really like these colors was beside the point. Another thing I am trying to learn.. just cause I don't like it, doesn't mean someone else won't like it!  I call this one "Peas, Corn and Carrots".

I have since changed the layout but am limited is my dislike of charm packs...there isn't enough to do anything else with! As is it is only 45"x45" and I need it larger.... and that is with 4 charm packs and white on white yardage from my stash! I am working on making borders with the three colors from my yardage stash. However, that has gone on hold for the moment because.....

My first cousin twice removed (I think I have that right) is expecting a little boy in April (she is the one I made the wedding quilt "To Have and To Hold...." last year.

These are the colors I chose.. and Mickey Mouse (I forgot to include the yellow in the picture!) I am working on a design... think I have what I want but set it aside to make sure.
This is the fleece for the back that I got...50% off coupons at Joann's...couldn't do it without them!

So I have things already in progress and deadlines set as needed. I am working on learning how to make crazy quilts too... and did a little playing around and decided instead of making a full crazy quilt for each of my 5 grand daughters... I think I am going to start with a crazy christmas stocking and then work from there. I hope to leave them something to remember me with.

What have you got going so far this year? What plans do you have for new creations?
P.S. I have 52 Singer brand Class 15 bobbins for sale...they are Singer brand, but universal Class 15, for sale...if you are interested... Click HereI got a new Brother machine and although it is Class 15 too.. I prefer to use brand specific for things like this so I get no problems with warrenty work and them saying I didn't use the right bobbins! 
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A Few Things from 2014....

I just learned how to do this, so I thought I'd share some of the things I did last year..again!  A few here I have not blogged about like the garment bags (#1) and what I and my grand daughters call "Nanny Bag" (#4) that I take to their house when I go with things I have made for them.. my impersonation of Mary childhood hero! And the pink Monkey Bag (#5) a tote I made for one grand daughter for her birthday and the stack of 30 tote bags I made for the kids at sunday School((#4). I have several WIP's I started and will be finishing this year.  I thought I did better at keeping pictures of everything I made, but apparently not as there are other things I made this year... and I have no picture for! Oh well... put that on my "To Do" List for this year!

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Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My To Do List for 2015!

I am not one for making New Years Resolutions, but...I am a "to do " list I make lists. I have alot of things I'd like to sew and make, so I think I will make a New Years To Do list... and put it on my bulletin board in my sewing room.  I enjoy participating in sewing forums and get lot of ideas, helps and inspiration from other sewers since there is nothing in my town about sewing!So...I am also an "onliner" chatter-er!

Okay, anyway... on to the To Do List. And the nice thing about a To Do list...99% of the time...there is on time order to the things to do! Yeah, you want to make sure you do holiday things in time for the holiday they are for, and birthdays etc, but still...if something doesn't strike me as "oh, I want to start that"... I just go down the list to find that one thing that is screaming "Make me! Make me!"

So, here I go

1. Baby quilt for the newborn (April) boy of my first cousin, once removed (the baby will be my first cousin, twice removed!) I have some fleece of football to use for the back as I know the parents like football, but haven't decided about the front yet.

2. Table topper for my kitchen table. It is a bar height with stools and a very nice wood, both in color and stature, so I want to protect it, but because it is literally the center of the room, family room and kitchen are the three sides of it..back slider door on the fourth side... I want it to look very nice and be a decoration, not just a table cloth over the table!

3. Baby quilt for my newest grand daughter (March). If I am allowed to make her one! I have been told "No more quilts, mom!" by my kids! I think they might lift the ban in this case!!

4. Learn to make Crazy Quilts. I just found out about this and want to use crazy quilt blocks in a quilt. I want to make one for each of my grand daughters wedding gifts (ages are 4,5,8,14) so I have time but lot of work goes into them.

5. learn to use scraps more. I just finished a scrap quilt top and dont' have alot, but I still have some...but since I dont' like the typical scrappy quilt, it is hard for me to put all the colors and prints together and it not look messy, cluttered, and "homemade". But I am learning...look at the colors not the prints...and migrate colors instead of trying to make them match!

WIP's To Finish

1. I have the top of a scrap quilt I made... using the foundation papers and scraps. Then made HST's out of them with white and did a chevron pattern but didn't do proper measurements so it is 40"wide and 75" long. I need to figure how to make it wider, but not longer and still look right!

2. Quilt for my sister...just because. I chose the block pattern but am having trouble keeping the design in order and I end up sewing the HST's together wrong and don't get the pattern right! Dont' know why, I do this all the time, but for some reason, 3 out of the four I have made so the time I noticed an HST was was completed and I didnt' want to rip ALL the seams to take it apart!

3. Quilt for my brother - just because. I already made one for the other brother and just need to get the other siblings done. But no ideas for his yet.

4. A quilt for my living room...basically a usable decoration. I have one, but it was the first quilt I made when I got back into sewing after a 20 year hiatis. It is okay, but to stiff and not big I have some of the fabric still left over, and want to make a nicer one to blend more in with the decorative pillows I made last summer....turquorise and silver and brown are the theme colors.

That is where I start. Now to print this out and post it on my bulletin board and get started!

What are you going to be working on this year? What does  your To Do list include?

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Thanks for stopping by and keep sewing those memories!

2014 Accomplishments in my Sewing Room

Well, 2014 is now done and over. Sometimes it just seems like the days go by so fast, it seems it was just last week when I had the summer days with my grand kids! But.. they say the older you get, the faster it guess I'd better get used to it!

But.. I look back to see what I did this year..and I think I got a good year's worth of use! IN addtion to everything else I do in life.. I did alot in my sewing room!

Here are just a few of the things I did and love sharing with you!

After being WIPs for 2 years... I finally got the quilts for my 2 kids done. For my daughter, I did a "Pretty In Pink" bargello ... she loves pink and I thought I loved bargello, but realized I do love the design, but making it, let's just say I didn't love it but will probably do it again...sometime! It is 65"x80"

This is the label I put on the back. It is part of the lyrics to "I Hope You Dance", by Leeann Womack. It still makes me tear up when I read it! But it is right down her alley, so it fits perfectly.

Then, I finally finished the Civil War quilt I made for my son. He was a huge Civil War buff in high school and carried on with his education of it to this day. He is a Deputy Sheriff getting his degree in Military Science and planning on teaching in the police academy. This quilt measures 65"x85" and I used invisible thread on the top. Worked very well! Blocks are 12"x12"

I put a poem I found on the label on the back.. forgot to take a picture of it, but it is about a mother praying for her son...saying he is her hero. The memory that supports for me (and will for him) was when he took me to the doctor to get results about a MRI to see if I would live or die.. and he was there for me when I needed someone.. and he didn't blink, he talked to that doctor and asked all the questions that I wasn't able to because I was in shock with the results. He was my rock.. my hero. Hold on a second, I need to wipe my tears.

I made  back packs for my 3 grand daughters....McCalls pattern and really cute! They loved them! I made each girls favorite theme. This is Lily and she liked Dora the Explorer.  You can read about them and my interesting use of metal washers, here.....Can You Say, Back Pack?

 And recently, I was asked to make some tote bags for the kids at church for their sunday school things... so I made 30! They are 12x12...lined and have crayon slots on the front. Some boy theme, some girl theme and some "either/or" and oh yeah, one that is a little bigger..for the teacher! I hope they like them!
A few more to mention.....a tooth fairy pillow for my little 5 year old grand daughter...who loves super heros.....Wolverine being her favorite. Read about that HERE

And my 13 year old grand son...loves football so for his birthday I made him a quilt of his favorite four  NFL teams...and I learned to make/use the "snowball" block. It is 60"x60". I used fleece for the back.. he loves it and you can read about it here..... NFL Quilt with Snowball Block pattern 

I  had the sudden inspiration to make a quilt for my brother.. he and I just kind of rekindled our sibling friendship...just so easy to drift apart! But he is a guitarist since high  school when he started playing and hasn't stopped for 50 years now! He puts Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana to shame! But I just decided to make him a quilt about his love of guitars...

It is 70"x70". I search the internet to find  guitar theme fabric that had guitars that looked real (no cartoony images) and found three different prints, each with different style guitars. The fourth fabric is other musical things..he plays nearly every instrument you can think of..piano and Saxaphone being his next favorite ones! Then I just made some strips of the gold and blue that I pulled from the prints and a brown sashing to calm the multiple prints and all the colors. The back I used flannel of musical notes in black and white and a very thin batting. He said it is great..warm and cuddly. Only he said it was to nice to "use and wear out and nobody see" so he had it mounted on the wall over his bed!  I made it for him to not only remember and honor  his passion, but to remember his sister too, so I guess I am okay that he wants to display it instead of use it!

And one more thing that I just loved making.. and the kids loved it too... was the I Spy quilt.  Lot of work, but I enjoyed making it! And they enjoy playing it!  Read about it here ..I Spy QuiltHere is what it looks like... the images to "spy" are 3"x3" and the quilt is 65"x65". Plus, I made another one with smaller images - 2.5"!

And I'll stop there.. I have to admit, I did get alot done this year. I never think I do, but then if you put it on really see that you did get alot done! (Can you tell what century I am from...I put things on PAPER!)

Oh, wait! I just have to mention this one... A quilt I kind of did for myself. I have a guest room and I promised my grand daughters I'd make it a room for them when they spend the night. I wanted it to be a "garden" theme kind of room...white furniture, flowers and twinkle lights etc. So.. I created this 

 It was a WIP for about 2 years also.. but I finally was able to get it all together this summer and finished it and got it on the bed and the headboard (made out of a wood garden trellis) decorated with flowers, tulle and twinkle lights (looks great at night!)... and a few family the lamp, 2 pictures and a unique "old fashioned" looking telephone clock that were my mom's who we had to put in assisted living this year due to dementia. So she is always in the room too! I have recently replaced the green dust ruffle with a white eyelet dust ruffle! Looks alot better! Fence is made out of 3x3" squares! This is more a bed spread, than a quilt... just made the same! The pillows I also made 15"x15" out of the same fabrics as the spread, and just made quilt block patterns and added ruffle!

I did so many more things this year.....If you want to read about them...(and there are quite a few!) and maybe get some inspiration to start new creations for yourself.... CLICK HERE    It will take you to my main blog page and you can just scroll through and see what pops out at you!

Good luck to everyone in your sewing endeavors for 2015. Never think you aren't making memories with every stitch of the are... for others as well as for yourself!

And don't forget to join the Grow Your Blog blog hop! The banner is over there on the left side  of the on it and it will take you to the host site...if you have a crafting can participate! If you dont' have a blog, you can still participate and follow some blogs of your own interest!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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Grow Your Blog 2015!....Join us!

2 Bags Full

Yes, it is that time of year again, when we all get together and blog hop crafting blogs! What a fun way to spend some time! I was in the hop last year, and am looking forward to it again this year. It is alot of fun and so many ideas and inspiration and even some giveaways! Want to join? The hop start January 25, 2015...but you have to "join" now to be in the line-up!

Click the picture above or   CLICK HERE and read about how to participate in "Grow Your Blog 2015" hosted by Vicki at 2 Bags Full. It is fun to both participate and to blog on and join us!

Want to read more at Fabric and Memories? CLICK HERE

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Class 15 bobbins.. do you need any?

I recently got a new sewing machine. It just happened and at Christmas time so it was essentially my Christmas present. After research and thinking I wanted a Pfaff... I went to my local sewing machine store and 30 seconds on the Pfaff... and boy was i disappointed in it! And as expensive and all as it was... it didn't have an automatic thread cutter! It had the old fashioned kind of just pulling the thread against something and it cutting the thread! And noisy....Boy howdy it was noisy!

 The sales guy said, "let me show you what I think you are looking for".... and it was a Brother Innovis-NX2000 Laura Ashley model. LOVED IT immediately! Finangled my finances and begged the husband (who wanted a tonneau cover for his truck) and he agreed if I get the machine, he gets the tonneau cover!

So... my Singer 9960 Quantum Stylist was a trade in...I gave all that came with the machine...but...I have all the bobbins. They are Class 15, Singer brand. The back of the card says they fit (among many others) Brother and my Brother takes Class 15 bobbins, but I prefer in cases like this.. to stick with the brand of bobbin that matches the brand of the machine. I don't want any possibility of warrenty denial because I used a brand of bobbin other than specifically Brother. I bought 2 dozen when I bought the machine specific to the machine, saved the receipt for proof I bought what the dealer told me to buy.

SO...... I have 52 Singer brand Class 15 bobbins...that need a new home!

There are 4 metal ones, not sure why I chose those, but the Quantum didn't seem to like them but they are Class 15. The others are all plastic, 4 new, still on the card! Most of them are empty, but the 4 at the top with cream colored thread, they are full of Connecting Threads 100% polyester thread and the others are partial filled with Connecting Threads 100% cotton thread, the rest are obviously empty. Total of 52 bobbins.And all in perfect condition, none cracked or anything.

I have these for sale at $20 (payment via PayPal) for all  52 of them (including the thread and I pay postage via USPS Priority Mail!) Leave me contact information in a comment on this blog and I'll get with you via email. Thanks so much!

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Monday, December 22, 2014

In the Top 5 on my 2015 To Do List....

In the Top 5 on my 2015 To Do list is....."start using scraps more"!  Seriously.!  I know I  have been saying I am NOT a scrappy quilter as I don't like the looks of the finished busy and cluttered looking, and of course....VERY unorganized!  Many times I'd find myself saying...."Good grief..all that work and it looks just thrown together!" But...I have been looking at scrap quilts and talking and asking questions for the last 6 months and I think I am starting to understand "scrap quilts" in a different light! In my case, I think I need to go with looking at the colors of the scraps instead of the scraps themselves and definately NOT the pattern in the scrap!

I did recently complete the top of a scrappy zigzag quilt...using my scraps and making "fabric" out of them using foundation papers. And I admit, it was kind of fun to make the pieces using foundation paper... and the zigs and the zags and the stars were kind of fun to make using HST's ...and okay, I does look kind of "fun" and not a  single dash to the fabric store, and scrap bucket was nearly empty AND...not a single goof-up or sewing problem! The only "problem" I had was to many pinks and "how'd I get that many when I am not a big fan of pink in the first place?"!! All things considered....I have decided that I want to work with this medium more.

Here is the zigzag quilt top. I will write a post about the details of this quilt in January, but just wanted to show it off! I am proud of myself! But...(isn't there always one of those!) I just made it based on how long I wanted it and forgot to consider how wide I wanted it! So it is narrow. I wanted it about twin bed size, (that is as large as my machine will FMQ) and this is  80" long by 50" wide. I didn't think about that when I sewed the ZZ panels and the star panels together. So now, I have to figure how to make it wider, without making it longer...and still look right! I can't add another row of ZZ's as I have already designed the corners to enclose everything! Can't say  that this is the first thing on my 2015 To Do List, but it is there...somewhere!

So...with that said as my reason... I am joining the Linky Party ....Scraptastic Tuesday
Scraptastic Tuesday

Hopefully I will be able to get help and hints and tips from other scrappers to help me achieve my scrappy goal for 2015! Click on the button (image above) and check it out if you are interested in participating or just looking!  Trust will be amazed at the many things you know to do, want to do, hope to learn to do or just enjoy looking at!

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This post linked to the Linky Party for the day. Click on the "Daily Linky Parties" tab at the top of my page and join us! Lots and lots of amazing talents on "display"

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Week...Has a Winner!


Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day ....or shall I say...week...was alot of fun. I participated both as a giveaway blog and as a commenter and found quite a few blogs of interest I joined to follow and plan to keep an eye on for ideas, inspiration and fun!

So my giveaway was 2 fat quarters and a bag of scraps. I don't have the raffelcopter thing-a-ma-jig, so ........I chose the first 2 numbers off the credit card that Iwas laying by my computer because I just closed the account and....they were a 6 and a 0. So...... Comment #60 is the winner!

Havplenty - December 10, 2015 at 6:26 PM commented:
I have sewn for over 40 years and now that talent has morphed into quilting. I have been a crafter for as many years with embroidery, crocheting, button arts, designing clothes, etc. I am a new follower via Bloglovin.
I have contacted Havplenty for mailing info. I hope she shows us all what she does with the scraps! I am working on learning to work more with them too!

Thanks to everyone for "playing" the giveaway game.

Keep following me as there is a yearly Grow Your Blog blog hop coming around in January that is a ton of fun. lots of crafting inspiration and some have giveaways too!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Giveaway Day is Here!!! 2 Fat Quarters and a Bag 'o Scraps are up!


Sew Mama Sew is a blog about so many crafts. She has a lot about...a lot of crafts! However,  she hosts a biannual link party when everyone with a blog can run a giveaway and list it on her site. Sew Mama Sew hosts one event in May and one in December. is December 8 is Giveaway Day on my blog and so many others....

I just wanted to mention a few things about my quilting and sewing world. I look back now and realize I got alot done this year! Several quilts I made were ones I had planned and figured and created...and was really pleased when I finished them..and they turned out pretty good! I think I have to say my favorite one is the I Spy quilt I made for my grand kids.  Took awhile to collect good image prints to "spy" for, but with some help of some online friends...I collected over 166 squares! I say over as that is what I used in this I Spy quilt. I plan on making another one next year with the rest of them! You can read about the quilt HERE
Another quilt I am pretty proud of making as it was the first time I used invisible thread and made a decorative back. I made it for second cousin's wedding. She and I haven't seen each other in about 20 years, but her dad (my cousin) and me were best friends when we were younger. I used invisible thread on the front due to so many colors, while only one on the back. Plus...I had a thing for Scrabble theme and used that to personalize the quilt... Read about it here....
 To Have and To Hold....

A few other things I got done this year .... 
Okay, I have chattered long enough, now for the giveaway. To enter this giveaway, leave one comment and tell me how you follow my blog (subscribe if you don't already..not required but appreciated!) and what your favorite craft talent is! At the end of the giveaway promotion, I will have my grand daughter choose a number from 1 to how ever many comments/entries are left on this blog. That number will be the winner! Make sure you leave me contact information so I can email you for shipping information.  In the infamous words of Jeff Probst of "Survivor"....want to know what you are playing for?
What I have for you is 2 Christmas fat quarters. They are 100% cotton, I forget the brand name. One is  with ice skaters and the other is green/white stripe.   PLUS.....of course my camera gave out as I am doing this, so..sorry but no picture, BUT....along with the 2 fat quarters is a "scrap bundle"...lots of scraps, all shapes and sizes, prints, solids and in betweens! Perfect for a scrap quilt!
This giveaway will remain open until December 12, 2014 at 9pm PST and a winner will be picked at random and will be notified by email by December 14, 2014.

So, enter here for a chance to win these then click on over to Sew Mama Sew and check out all the blogs about everything from crafts to baking to refurbish...and well...probably anything else you are interested in! It lasts for a week, so you know there is alot to do there....check it out...lot of fun and crafting information and... more giveaways!

Come join the fun on over...Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway Day

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