Saturday, November 22, 2014

WIPS, Done's and Giveaways!

I have been rather busy with so many things lately, I have missed my weekly post...for a week or so! But I am back for another go-round! I finished a few things and started a few things and nearly finished with a few more! The weather is getting cooler now so it isn't so hot in my sewing studio so I can be in there working longer now. Here is a bit about what I have been able to accomplish....

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Picket Fence Garden Quilt - All Finished!

Took me over half a century to get it, but I finally  was able to buy my own house! In this house, I have a sewing room and a guest bedroom. So I decided to make the guest bedroom a room for my grand  kids for when they spend the night...every now and then (more then than now ,unfortunately!). It is the first room I have been able to decorate from ground up. Granted, I had a small budget to do it, and I am not to great at interior design, but I was able to find several white furniture pieces at yard sales and thrift store.. I like the white as it makes the room look big and open and will go with any other color or design.Kind of the "shabby chic" style, which I like alot!  I have always liked the theme of the outdoor garden-y, patio kind of theme, so the white was great and I chose purple as my main color.  And for some time now, a picket fence motif has been in my head. I finally found a pattern, altered it a bit to suit me and started the bed spread..yes, bed spread, not comforter. I wanted it to cover the whole bed. (However, I didn't make it quite long enough - should have made the fence 2 more squares "taller") so I have to add a dust ruffle because I don't have anymore of the fabric..

I searched and searched and finally found a pattern and altered it to created a block that I thought looked like a flower... well, kind of! But I loved the colors together..teal, purple and lime  green. And I sashed it with purple sashing on a  white background. 


To make the picket fence.. in white of course...I used the same purple/teal print as I used in the flower block, so it looks like you are seeing the flowers foliage in between the fence pickets!  I created the pattern using 3x3 squares (plus 1/2in. allowance) of white and the print, and used Flying Geese template to make the pointed tops. Just a bit of math to make the adjoining fence to each picket and the purple print alternating in between.  Each "picket" required 3, 3,1/2" x 3,1/2" squares and 1 flying geese square. The middle slats are 2, 3,1/2" x 3,1/2" squares in the print and 2, 2,1/2"x3,1/2" squares in white and 1,2, 2,1/2"x3,1/2" square in print... if I have the right! I wrote it down while I was making it, but of course, can't find the measurements now! But it is an easy math project!


This is the first parts hanging on my design wall. The top is done, and I just did the math for how much in length I needed of "fence" to go around the top, 2 sides and the bottom.  I was shocked it turned out so well, being my first time doing something like this! I made the "picket fence" sides to go on both sides of the bed and across the bottom. The "head" end doesn't have the fence. 

And here it is! All finished!     
I added a white binding and I had this green striped dust ruffle, hoping it would look like the grass to compliment the picket fence and the foliage between it, but it doesn't look very good! I found a white eyelet dust ruffle at the thrift store (find so many great bargains there!) and as soon as I can get someone to help me lift the bed, I'll get that ruffle on there!  Won't be the "look" I was going for, but I think it will be fine. I don't like lime green but for some reason, it looked great with this purple print and complimented the blocks so well, I really like it!
The FMQ'ing I did was meandering on every color but the white. I wanted the white parts of the flower on the top to pop out and the meandering between the fence posts kind of makes that "leafy" area pop out from the fence posts. The fence posts, in white, I just did a straight stitch to outline it and then a few up and down inside each post.  The back is a sheet. I use sheets from time to time as they are big enough to not have any seams in the back like fabric would. But this sheet had butterflies on it and the colors were yellow and match the room. Granted no one will probably see the back, but it is nice if looked at! And, the quilt can be actually used as a blanket when the bed is slept in!
I purchased a garden trellis from the home improvement store, painted it white and decorated it with twinkle lights, purple tulle and purple and green silk  flowers. I had some butterflies from my scrapbook stash, and just stuck them on the wall around the bed.  It turned out really good! I have been told the room is "perfect", by my grand daughter! I just have to get a bed frame  to get the bed up off  the floor and the trellis will look right..with the decorative pillows at the head of the bed!

I made four pillows. I chose a block pattern I liked out of a book and did the math to make the pillows 15"x15" with a ruffle. I FMQ'ed the front of the pillows and stuffed them. I broke the "always do uneven number" for accent rule and only made four, so I need a fifth one, but at the moment, I have many other things to do so it will just have to wait!


Where is the "memory" in/of this quilt? This is a guest room. I wanted it bright and cheery and inviting. And different. My 2 oldest grand daughters were my inspiration...can't exactly say why, but they were on my mind when I decorated/designed it. Purple is the ones favorite color and the other loves bright, cheery colors. So the memory is of my 2 grand daughters. The dresser that is in the room has two little drawers at the top. I gave them each a drawer to keep their personal special stuff in that they like to play with when they visit me. First thing they do when they come over, is go in there and check out their drawers and "oh, I remember this!" and "I was hoping this was still here!" and "Oh, I missed this!" is what I hear for the first 15 minutes they are here and they are just so happy! There are my  memories!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Labels for Your Quilt..I made these!

I have two quilts I am finishing and need labels. I use computer fabric paper  to print the labels. I know there is a way with freezer paper and I have done that before and it works, but in this case...I figure if all I need is white for the label, I can get 8 - 12 labels from one package of computer fabric paper and it is worth the cost.

The first quilt is for my daughter. She is moving to Missouri (we are in California) in January. It will be  a long time before we "see" each other again. And she takes her daughter, my grand daughter that I helped raise with day care while mom worked!  I know all the current technology of Skype and texting and the good old fashioned phone call are all still around, but...seeing is believing. Just isn't going to be the same! So I wanted to send her off with memories...of her mother! She loves pink so I made a bargello can read about it here...... Bargello in Pink   In the blog, the quilt is finished up to the binding. I have been doing other things for awhile and am just now getting back to the binding...and the label!  This is the label for the bargello

(I continue to have trouble getting pictures to come out just right even tho I have a Cannon Sure Shot!)
I finally remembered to just put the decorative binding on two sides and the other two sides are going to be included when I put the binding on the quilt.The binding used on the label is the same binding fabric I use to bind the quilt.  I took lyrics from a song by LeeAnn Womack that my daughter introduced me to years ago, called I Hope You Dance I love that song! But it says what I want to say to my daughter so I just picked the lines of the song I wanted to use and then "signed" it. I put "Mom" as well as my full name (in small font) just in case 75 years or so down the road, my great great grand daughter might find it and be able to say "My great great great great great grandmother made this for my great great great great grandmother..way back in the day!". ( I think I have the right number of "great"'s in there, could be fewer!)

I wanted a little more, so I decided to use my Flower Stitch wheel foot and made the two flowers and added a button in the middle. I think it turned out great. Just that little "pop" makes the label look so much better!  

The other quilt I working on is a guitar theme one for my musician brother. (I'll have a blog about it later...sign up to follow me and you'll see it when it is published!) That man can make a guitar speak! He never got the chance, but honestly, he would have given Santana and Eric Clapton and even Jimmy Hendricks a good run for their money! He is that good, even in his old age (he is 59 now).
Again, not a great photo. It looks so much better than this!  I used the blue for the decorative binding and because I attached it to all sides instead of just two, I can't put it in the corner of the quilt. I have tried that and it looks to I will be hand sewing this one to the middle of the "bottom" of the quilt probably about 5 inchesin  from the sides in the corner. I took the words to the song that reminds me of him from the 1970's...Bread's "Guitar Man". Chose the lines that I wanted to say to my brother and then printed it on the computer fabric paper. I used my maiden name as that is the same as his. Again...maybe way down the line somewhere, someone in his family tree will be happy to "find" something from their past. I goofed, tho and didn't out "brother" or "sister" on the label so they might not know the status, but at least will know the name. Problem is...he had all girls so there is will be no more of our family (my maiden) name!  To make the label pop, I cut out a guitar from a scrap I had from the fabric I used for the quilt and using iron on interfacing on the back and appliqued most of it to the label..the neck and the bottom of the guitar are free standing. I think I'll just do a tack stitch to hold them in place, the the bit of dimension will look nice. And his favorite is an acoustical guitar like this that he got when he was in high school..and still has!

The 3 main tools I used are:

This is the wheel I used. I bought it while back and never got the hang of it, and just decided to work with it and was successful at least in making the flower on the pink label. Add a little button and a really  cute quilt label is created!

This is the printer fabric paper I use...June Tailor fabric paper. The  sheets are white in color and 100% cotton and Made in USA. I have had great success with this brand. The sheets have a pull off backing that is easy to make 2 large or 4 smaller labels from each sheet. These are what I used for the pink label I made above. It is actual fabric so it is flexible and 100% cotton so it needs ironing to get the wrinkles out.

This is the sheets I used on the guitar label. They are Quick Fuse Iron-on Mini Fabric sheets by June Tailor. These are 6"x4" in size... like an index card...but since you iron this onto fabric instead of printing directly onto the fabric like the ones above do...these are a tad stiff. But the label turned out really nice, and since it is smaller, the stiffness is not a big issue and it will be in a corner anyway so either one you want to use works.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Do you know what really happens...

.... when you step on the foot pedal of your sewing machine? Until just the other day, I did not. Then someone sent me a link to this great little animation. If you’re not so mechanically inclined, and you’ve ever wondered about how a sewing machine sews, you’d probably like to watch this

Memories of playing with Paper Dolls..use them now!

I admit, I might be over the top when it comes to memories and preserving and sharing them, but that is because I have memories of my life.. but thing physical to go with them! Everything I had was tossed over the years, and due to alot of moving around, I had no choice but to do the same with most of my kids childhood things. So now, to pick up with the present and to help my grand child to preserve their memories (and mine that I share with them!) I have started making everything with a memory.  But...quilts and other sewing items are not the only way to share the memories.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

How to Use a Flying Geese Patch

I love the Flying Geese patch. Makes for a wonderful patch if you need for a star! Eleanor Burns has the procedure that I like the best and think works the fastest. I bought her templates and get 4 sizes of Flying Geese out of the two templates. Cool thing Flying Geese piece, makes 4 Flying Geese patches!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

NFL Quilt with the Snowball Block

I have to admit, that it has been a while since I made a quilt! Can't believe it! But I have been busy with other fabric craft projects so I guess I haven't fallen to far from grace!  But I'm back in the saddle again! My (step) grandson turned 14 last month and back in August, I asked my son what to get him for his birthday and he said "A football quilt". Music to my ears!!! So in a conversation with my grandson, since he knows I don't like football, I had to figure how to sneak in  asking what his favorite football teams were! But a good grandmother always knows how to work it in there!  He said Oregon Ducks, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns and New England Patriots.  So I got to work looking for the logo fabric for these teams.I search so many shops and would find one or two of the teams, but was hoping to find all four at the same shop.  I finally  found them all at Hancock Fabrics and bought 1/2 yard of each print.  Took my longer to find the fabric than it did to make the quilt! And I have enough of each fabric to make him something a pillowcase or journal/notebook cover.
Dallas Cowboys

Texas Longhorns

New England Patriots

Oregon Ducks

I used matching solids to make a "snowball" block and made 5 of each NFL print. The finished block is 12x12. 

 I used a dark green batik (his favorite color) for sashing and for some Americana influence (I am told football is all-time American!) I used a fabric with small American Flags for the cornerstones. I ran out of the green batik for sashing, so I had to just leave one side without the sashing, so that will be the side of the quilt that goes at the pillow end of the bed...and under his neck!  Quilt measures 68"x88".                            

I used a thin batting and a thin fleece for the back. Usually, I don't use a batting if I use fleece for the back, but in this case... my son said he wanted the quilt to be "warm" as the boy's room is on the end of the HVAC ducts so in the winter, his room doesn't get as warm as they would like, so he wants the quilt to be warm as possible, so I used batting this time. I did a meander stitch for the FMQ'ing. I used a medium green in the bobbin and matching threads to the block color on the top. I was very pleased with myself and my machine that the colors didn't show through on either side! Even when using white or black, those colors didn't show through on the back!  I used a solid, dark blue fabric for the binding. I was lost on what to put on the label...being for a 14 year old boy (I don't know them to well these days since mine is now 32!) and didn't want it to mushy, so I just put on the label "For the love of the game! Yea team!" and then my signature and year.

So I will be giving it to him next week. I hope he likes it!

A "snowball" block is a very quick and easy block to make.  It is a good block to use with large print fabrics. You want the large print to be seen, but need just a little something to make it stand out and not look so cluttered. 
Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew has a great tutorial on how to make snowball blocks...check it out by clicking HERE
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Friday, October 3, 2014

More Fat Quarters / Fabric for Sale!

I decided to sort my fabric stash and organize it better and take out what I know I won't be using. Some of it is child theme and I know I wont' be working with that anymore! So I thought I'd put the fabric up for sale if anyone is interested. All fabric is name brand fabric, 100% cotton, pre washed and pressed. Price includes shipping via USPS in USA only.(sorry, can't ship internationally) Payment via Paypal only.   Leave me a comment with your contact info if you are interested and we can talk via email. I am having trouble taking "good" pictures and getting them to show properly on the blog! I am working on that! But all the colors are bright and vivid!

Halloween Print Set - Set includes  2 fat quarters of Spiders and Web, 1 fat quarter of Black/white web, 1/2 yd Pumpkins and 1 yd witch/owl/black birds. Price: $15

Leopard Cat panels: 3, 15x15 panels (plus little extra on all sides) 2 panels are the same image, one is different plus a strip of border. Perfect for pillows or add coordinating colors to include in a quilt. $8

 Dora The Explorer  - 44"x19"piece (size of 2 fat quarters). I used this in a back pack for my grand daughter and she loves it!. Click  HERE  to see the back pack I made with this print.  Price: $8

Close up of the print.

Dinosaur piece - Odd ball size/shape of fabric of these dinosaurs... I used them to cut the dinosaurs out to applique them onto a back pack I made for my grand daughter... you can see that  back pack here. The main piece is a bit larger than a fat quarter plus the extra parts. This piece is big enough for you to do something with or if you just want to cut the dinos and applique them and use them elsewhere. Dinos are about 4"x5" in size. Price: $8

Bunny Rabbit Couple Panel  - I don't know the specific fabric content of this panel..but it does do a good "wrinkle" test for being 100%  cotton. However, I give a guess that there is some polyester in it, just to be on the safe side. It is still great for a quilt top or a wall hanging. It is a "boy" and a "girl" bunny and there is NO easter eggs in the scene so it is not necessarily an Easter theme. Measures 44"x33". Colors are better than shown in the picture.Price: $8
Christmas Triangles - I bought this set before I realized i didn't  like working with triangles!I think this kind of set is called "honeybuns". It is said to be a Christmas theme, but it could work for any wintery/fall theme too! There are about 54+ triangles...2-4 of each print. Perfect for making half square triangles! Long side measures 9" and short sides measure 6". Professionally cut with pinked edges. I bought the pack from online store.
Price: $10

Betty Boop - Tryin' Hawaiian!  Includes 1 fat quarter of Betty Boop and 3, fat 1/8ths of matching print solids. I have 2 sets available of these. Price: $15(each) Buy one or both sets!

It says "Tryin' Hawaiian" in white.

Chick Chick A least that is what I call it!  This is 6 fat quarters...2 pink, 2 blue and 2 grey. These came with as a set, I forget the name of manufacture. The prints are white chicks on solid color and solid color chicks on white fabric. 
Price: $13

Merry Christmas!  This is 4 fat quarters.A red and a green stripe and the other 2 are wintery/christmasy themes... one has a train and trees (red and green and black are the pictures didn't turn out so good!) and the other is ice skaters..same colors. Price: $13

I will have more follow me if you want to see what comes next!

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