Saturday, May 30, 2015

Picket Fence Garden Quilt - All Finished!

Took me over half a century to get it, but I finally  was able to buy my own house! In this house, I have a sewing room and a guest bedroom. So I decided to make the guest bedroom a room for my grand  kids for when they spend the night...every now and then (more then than now ,unfortunately!). It is the first room I have been able to decorate from ground up. Granted, I had a small budget to do it, and I am not to great at interior design, but I was able to find several white furniture pieces at yard sales and thrift store.. I like the white as it makes the room look big and open and will go with any other color or design.Kind of the "shabby chic" style, which I like alot!  I have always liked the theme of the outdoor garden-y, patio kind of theme, so the white was great and I chose purple as my main color.  And for some time now, a picket fence motif has been in my head. I finally found a pattern, altered it a bit to suit me and started the bed spread..yes, bed spread, not comforter. I wanted it to cover the whole bed. (However, I didn't make it quite long enough - should have made the fence 2 more squares "taller") so I have to add a dust ruffle because I don't have anymore of the fabric..

I searched and searched and finally found a pattern and altered it to created a block that I thought looked like a flower... well, kind of! But I loved the colors together..teal, purple and lime  green. And I sashed it with purple sashing on a  white background. 


To make the picket fence.. in white of course...I used the same purple/teal print as I used in the flower block, so it looks like you are seeing the flowers foliage in between the fence pickets!  I created the pattern using 3x3 squares (plus 1/2in. allowance) of white and the print, and used Flying Geese template to make the pointed tops. Just a bit of math to make the adjoining fence to each picket and the purple print alternating in between.  Each "picket" required 3, 3,1/2" x 3,1/2" squares and 1 flying geese square. The middle slats are 2, 3,1/2" x 3,1/2" squares in the print and 2, 2,1/2"x3,1/2" squares in white and 1,2, 2,1/2"x3,1/2" square in print... if I have the right! I wrote it down while I was making it, but of course, can't find the measurements now! But it is an easy math project!


This is the first parts hanging on my design wall. The top is done, and I just did the math for how much in length I needed of "fence" to go around the top, 2 sides and the bottom.  I was shocked it turned out so well, being my first time doing something like this! I made the "picket fence" sides to go on both sides of the bed and across the bottom. The "head" end doesn't have the fence. 

And here it is! All finished!     
I added a white binding and I had this green striped dust ruffle, hoping it would look like the grass to compliment the picket fence and the foliage between it, but it doesn't look very good! I found a white eyelet dust ruffle at the thrift store (find so many great bargains there!) and as soon as I can get someone to help me lift the bed, I'll get that ruffle on there!  Won't be the "look" I was going for, but I think it will be fine. I don't like lime green but for some reason, it looked great with this purple print and complimented the blocks so well, I really like it!
The FMQ'ing I did was meandering on every color but the white. I wanted the white parts of the flower on the top to pop out and the meandering between the fence posts kind of makes that "leafy" area pop out from the fence posts. The fence posts, in white, I just did a straight stitch to outline it and then a few up and down inside each post.  The back is a sheet. I use sheets from time to time as they are big enough to not have any seams in the back like fabric would. But this sheet had butterflies on it and the colors were yellow and match the room. Granted no one will probably see the back, but it is nice if looked at! And, the quilt can be actually used as a blanket when the bed is slept in!
I purchased a garden trellis from the home improvement store, painted it white and decorated it with twinkle lights, purple tulle and purple and green silk  flowers. I had some butterflies from my scrapbook stash, and just stuck them on the wall around the bed.  It turned out really good! I have been told the room is "perfect", by my grand daughter! I just have to get a bed frame  to get the bed up off  the floor and the trellis will look right..with the decorative pillows at the head of the bed!

I made four pillows. I chose a block pattern I liked out of a book and did the math to make the pillows 15"x15" with a ruffle. I FMQ'ed the front of the pillows and stuffed them. I broke the "always do uneven number" for accent rule and only made four, so I need a fifth one, but at the moment, I have many other things to do so it will just have to wait!


Where is the "memory" in/of this quilt? This is a guest room. I wanted it bright and cheery and inviting. And different. My 2 oldest grand daughters were my inspiration...can't exactly say why, but they were on my mind when I decorated/designed it. Purple is the ones favorite color and the other loves bright, cheery colors. So the memory is of my 2 grand daughters. The dresser that is in the room has two little drawers at the top. I gave them each a drawer to keep their personal special stuff in that they like to play with when they visit me. First thing they do when they come over, is go in there and check out their drawers and "oh, I remember this!" and "I was hoping this was still here!" and "Oh, I missed this!" is what I hear for the first 15 minutes they are here and they are just so happy! There are my  memories!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Pillowcase Adventure Makes Memories

Few months ago I had my 7 year old grand daughter for 2 days and she is into crafts as much as I am...we are craft buddies! I had previously taught her to make a lap quilt out of charms, but this time...I taught her to make a pillow case.

You just need about 3/4 yard of main fabric and 1/3 yard of a print for the cuff (the bears) and 1/4 yard for the trim (the green) for a standard pillowcase, as you see in the picture below of the completed pillowcase.
How it Started

The story of Cordoroy, the little bear that lost the button on his green overalls... has been a special story to her and I. When she was 2, I started reading the story of Cordoroy to her and she loved the story! There was a store security guard in the story that was dressed  like a police officer. Her daddy is a Deputy Sheriff  and she thought  the guy in the story was a"Beddy Sef", just like her daddy!The story became very  special to us. I later began making up stories for her at nap time about Cordoroy and Silky Bear (her own little stuffed buddy) that lived in Princess Ashleigh's bedroom and when Princess Ashleigh left for school..the bears and other dolls would come to life and scurry out of the house and to a strawberry patch and have an adventure...similar to the Raggedy Ann/Andy stories.

The Fabric:

When I stumbled on these panels and the bear fabric at an online store... I knew I had to get them, no matter the cost! I had never seen them before and of course....Cordoroy fabric was in my "shopping cart" within minutes!  I intended to make her a quilt out of them some how, but just never could figure a design out! Then it suddenly occurred to me to let her make the pillow case and the rest is memorable  history!

See the little loops on the right side of the case in the picture above and left side in picture below?  She has two little "bedtime buddies". She calls them her "Silkies", one is a bunny and one is a bear (ergo Silkie Bear!) . They have silk binding on them. She said that they always fall out of bed or she rolls on them and can't find them. So I created these fabric loops and now, she puts "Silkies" in the loops and they never leave her side! The picture below is the other side of the pillowcase, the "Good Night" side and the Silkies are in the loops on the left there.

The Memory

Ashleigh will have  memories of our special time together  for years!! It started when she was 2 and now at 7, when she stays the night, she still asks for a Cordoroy story at bedtime. And I always have a different story and adventure that the bears do and she has her favorites that she asks me to tell again. She has the pillowcase at  her house and sleeps with it every night and always has her  Silkies with her...and her memories. Good night, Ashleigh!

And to further the memory (for both of us!) I later made her a small quilt about Corduroy and his escapades. I made her what I call a Symbolic Memory quilt. Instead of making a specific quilt with obvious features...I used symbols which she knows and will still be able to recount the memory and in this case...carry the memory with her to give to her children.

Click to read about the Symbolic Memory Quilt


This is the book that inspired our memory.  Corduroy is now 40 years old, but we don't have to mention that! We shall let the little bear be a child's matter how old he, technically is!

Does your child have a favorite character....get them the book and make them a quilt or pillowcase to match it and you'll have a great gift for them with lots and lots of memories. Or...what about a character memory of yours? Do the same and hand those memories down to your children!

A Pillowcase Tutorial

Here is a great tutorial about  making pillowcases using the "tube" method. It is very quick and easy. Also, because they are so quick and can make many of them in a day or so. Pillow cases are great for gifts of all ages! Change colors and prints and the options are limitless! I do mine slightly different in that I sew the pieces together, then one seam up the side and then roll the cuff  down to cover the seam and then hand sew the hem to cover the seam. Only seam visible is the side seam and the bottom seam!

This is a tutorial for making a pillow case..really fast and easy! Click the arrow in the middle of the picture below to start the tutorial

Reasons for making pillowcases....

  1. as gifts...for any occasion! Valentines Day gets red ones, patriotic days get red, white and blue. Wedding...matching white (or the wedding color) accented with some lace! Kids birthdays...find out their favorite character or "thing" and get fabric to match! Christmas... a Santa or other holiday print. Fabric comes in SO MANY different prints these days, you can almost always find the perfect print!
  2. Fund Raisers....get a group to make them and sell them at the school fund raiser or any fund raiser.
  3. Donations to charities...especially the kids know the kids would love their very own speciality pillowcase!
  4. To match the room you are designing or a quilt you have made!
Whatever the reason...just have fun making pillowcases!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A "Symbolic" Memory Quilt

A "Symbolic" Memory Quilt
A Quilt and a Pillowcase = Memories for a lifetime

I am a memory person. I hold them, keep them, make them, display them, remember them and encourage others to do so also... especially my grand daughters. I keep telling them to keep a journal because when they hit mommy's age (notice I didn't say MY age!) they won't remember so many of the wonderful things from their past. I even got them wonderful little journal notebooks from time to time, but far that isn't going so well! They say don't like to write! So I started making them  things that they can  use that will also hold their memories.

When my grand daughter, Ashleigh was 2-4 years old, I did her day care. So to have some "down" time or to get ready for nap, I'd tell her stories about her favorite book and security items. She loved the bear in the Corduroy books. Especially this story    
as in the book there is a night watchman that is dressed in police blues and her daddy is a police she thought that was her daddy!

Her favorite little softie thing she carried. she called "Silkey Bear" (her favorite item). It was a bear head with a little blanket around it, trimmed in silk binding. She she named it Silkey Bear.  I'd tell her stories about Princess Ashleigh (that started as she was all "into" the Disney princesses at that age) and the stuffed animals she had. I did it kind of like the Raggedy Ann Stories where the animals are all still while the child is in the room or playing with them but when the child leaves, the animals come to life. You younger readers might liken it to current-day Disney's "Toy Story"  Princess Ashleigh was always going off to school and when the dolls/animals heard the school bus drive away, they knew they could get up and go on an adventure, making sure they were back in their beds before Princess Ashleigh came home from school!

Long story short...I wanted to make her a quilt about this favorite time of ours so she would always have the memory. I drew design after design. I had visions of steps, gardens, fences..everything in the story! I even bought fabric to create  areas of the story. But sadly, I couldn't pull it together.   Well, out of no where one day, I  had the brain storm! Instead of making a quilt depicting the story,  I went with a different connotation. Symbolism! I decided to make a Symbolic Memory Quilt! The quilt is small enough for her to play with her dolls on!
This is the finished quilt....>>>>>>>>>>>>

The story I told always started out with Cordoroy and Silkie Bear waking up when they heard Princess Ashleigh running out of her bedroom and down the stairs. When they heard the school bus drive away taking Princess Ashleigh  to school, they knew it was okay for them to get up and start their day! They would scurry out  of the house, down the back porch steps, follow the fence along the back yard to the far back corner where they would crawl under the locked gate to the strawberry garden. Once in the garden, they would scurry around looking for Sunny Bunny (her daddy/my son had a pet rabbit named that when he was a kid), who lived in the garden  and he always had a delima  that  the bears would help solve. But they had to be back in their beds before the school bus rambled up the street with Princess Ashleigh.

I decided to depict the story with colors as symbols instead of the actual impressions.  I have a hard time taking pictures that are perfect in the colors, so the colors didn't come out right. Next to the green binding is a purple boarder, then the diamonds are brown with white dots. The dark pinwheel is really purple, not brown and the other pinwheel is red, not orange!

The area to the left with the two little friends,  represents Ashleigh's bedroom. The fabric has bedroom things on it. The border of brown diamonds represents the backyard picket fence the bears would follow to the garden. The pinwheels signify the "characters" in the for Cordoroy because of his green overalls, Pink for Silkie Bear as he is pink, Red for Sunny Bunny as his mouth would get red when he ate strawberries (this really happened with the real Sunny Bunny when we fed him strawberries!) and the pinwheel that looks brown in the photo is really purple...Ashleigh's favorite color, which symbolizes Princess Ashleigh in the story. So..the two little bears start in Princess Ashleigh's bedroom (where they are snapped to stay in place when not being played with), they go out along the diamond border (back yard fence) and any of the brown sashings represent the gate to the garden and then the little bears can just wander the garden as she tells the story.

I cut out one of the Cordoroy bears from the fabric and made it an actual stuffed bear and then designed my own Silkie Bear from some pink fleece (both are about 4" tall), sewed snaps on their backs and on the quilt in the area of fabric that symbolized Princess Ashleigh's bedroom. This way Ashleigh can un-snap the little bears to take them on the "walk" to the strawberry patch!
This is a close up of the characters and the fabric I found to make the Cordoroy bear. Silkie Bear is a small piece of fleece from my scrap basket!


This is the back. I couldn't figure out something that went with the Cordoroy theme, but Ashleigh loves four leaf clovers, so what better back to have!   I made a label, bigger than usual, and printed on computer fabric,  the starting of the story.."As Cordoroy and Silkie Bear heard the school bus ramble down the road, they knew it was time to get up!....." and a little more like I described above. Now she will never forget how the story starts and know that she is the one that makes up the rest of it! Hopefully one day when she has a little girl she can recreate the wonderful story times! I gave the quilt to her for Christmas last year. She loved it. And she says she does tell the story to her dolls while sitting on the quilt. 

The pinwheels are 4, 6x6" HST's (half square triangles) and the diamond fence is 4, 3x3 HST's. Just a turn of an HST creates a different block!The brown sashings are 1" wide and the "bedroom" piece is one large piece.A purple 2" border and 1 inch green binding to finish.
But that wasn't the beginning!  
While I was trying to design the quilt, I stumbled on these Cordoroy panels at an online store and just had to have them.  I thought I would be able to use them to make the quilt, but couldn't make that happen. One weekend, I was blessed with Ashleigh being able to spend the whole weekend with me, and she begged to do some sewing...and since I was making pillow cases at the time, I thought I'd teach her to make a pillowcase and advance her sewing talent that I have been teaching her. And then it hit me, what better fabric to use than these panels of her favorite little bear! I cut the pieces and had them waiting for her when she go here and taught her how to make a pillow case!  She was 7 when she made it and it turned out great! She uses it to this day! 

Here's the story about that.....

Both of us made so many memories with these two small projects! Just goes to don't need much to make a memory for a lifetime!

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Finished! Its more like a Scrapbook Journal but I got some "junk" in it!

I have taken a slight detour from my fabric memory books . I was introduced to "junk journals" and like the fabric hooked! What a great way to preserve memories! Quick and easy!  The book is shown below, I have started writing memories in this "junk journal" of things my children/grand children did or said, and since I dont' get to see them on their birthdays etc, I write what I would have said to them had I been able to..... things like that. Kind of like bringing my past memories to the present. It's fun and knowing my memories will never fade if I write them me comfort anyway. Its  like a walk through time. It worked out great as some of the memories are very the smaller pages work great for that!
If you want to read where/how it my blog post  HERE. I am working on filling it with past memories I have of my grand children

 I learned there was more to "junk journals" than this one I had. I watched some videos on Youtube and joined some "junk journal" groups and got hooked! I stopped SB'ing 10 years ago, but kept most of my supplies and when I realized the same supplies were used, I drug my leftovers out of the closet and the journey began! is my first "junk" journal book! I think I like it! It turned out to be more of a scrapbook journal book
Now "junk journals' are made of just that..junk papers, flyers, envelopes, stubs, bags..basically if it is paper and can be written on or glued on or just looks pretty/ is deemed a supply for a junk journal. I love the vintage ones...all those old form papers, the date paper from library books from back in the day, time sheets...just all kinds of old themed papers (many from my own childhood/past) ...blended with current stuff and you have a wonderful journal to write..whatever you want to write in it! "Junk journals" are often made with a vintage look..old fashioned...retro...shabby chic and those are my favorite style. Some day I will have one!

Well, I decided to make one. However... I have two "craft issues".  I am a very organized, structured, tailored kind of person...everything has to match, be even, equal and organized. and "junk" aren't friends much. So my first book is structured, tailored, neat, clean and organized! It is more of a scrapbook for journaling instead of for pictures. My other issue is... I can't just make something cause I like to make it. I have to have a reason, a theme, a purpose. I have no use for a junk journal as I don't have anything to write about or "say". I am not busy enough to use it as a planner. So...since my grand daughter's 15th birthday was on my mind, I decided to "use her" as my theme and reason for making it. Her fav colors, memories from her past, where she is now etc.

 I used cardstock and scrapbook paper and cut the pages 8x8. I used the accordian style binding and here's the style of page I used. Then each of the middle pages was cut at the fold or left open at the top to form a pocket page.

This is the cover. I used cereal box for the covers and spine then covered them with pattern scrapbook paper from my stash. The words are "happiness, smiles, Good Times" Thought that'd be good for her high school years. I just used a thick fabric ribbon and wound it around with a tie so it was easy to open and nothing to pull or hook to keep the book closed. The playing cards... no point, just looked nice. It was a piece of 12x12 paper and I cut out a "straight" (or is that a flush?) and used all hearts as she is in my heart and I want her to always know that! A piece of lace, a length of gold glitter ribbon and 3 little rose motifs.

There are 11 pages total (fronts and backs) plus pocket pages in the middle, but I didn't include pics of some of will be long enough with just these!  Every page has pockets, tuck spots, open up things, pull down tabs...lot of places to put/tuck/write things...but on 8x8 area! She likes "secret" things like that so I hope that will be a major appeal to her to like the book!

This is the second and third pages...the light paper on the left side opens downward with lined paper to write something and a bobby pin decorated to use as a paper clip to hold something there. The right side... a doily folded over the side of the page making a tuck spot. I stuck a piece of pink paper and a few sheets of a little story she wrote several years ago when she was into writing stories. She can put whatever she wants there.
 Flip the page and you get the doily on this page too and more sticker words and some decorated papers to write on..front and back - tucked under the doily. Right side is a picture from a magazine of her dog.. at least nearly her dog. Looks alot like him, but not exactly..she'll get the point! I was trying for the "junk" feature. Behind it is a pocket with some tags to pull out to write on or glue a picture!
 Next 2 pages...left side is just a strip of the black paper..she likes halloween so it it black with yellow, orange and white dots and tags with gold glitter ribbon on the bottoms and tags with candy corn (her favorite candy) print ribbon at the top. Other side is an it and there is a paper in there to write. She was just  her mothers maid of honor and the colors were this teal and black so that is why I chose this paper..thought she could write about her feelings of the wedding etc.  And I garnished it with same colored rhinestones.
 Next is a page on the left, is made with a pattern paper looking at tad vintage. I printed out, on beige cardstock, some post cards "dated" and designed from back in the 30's-ish. She can pull them out and write on the backs. Right side is...2 years ago this christmas she went to Paris so I pull a page from a magazine with the Eiffel Tower on it, glued it to cardstock and made a pocket out of it with 2 tags..again with the gold glitter ribbon at the tops this time.
 These next ones were the first pages I made. It ended up looking more like a scrapbook journal instead of a junk journal, but as the pages went by, I did figure to add some of the "junk" the magazine pages. This one... it was scrapbook paper too, says "it isn't about waiting for the storm to stop....(and the next page says "its about learning to dance in the rain") These were on paper too, so I cut them out and mounted them to make a banner. Left side is pockets with decorated cards for writing...right side is little "file folders" and if you open the folder, there is a long attached paper for writing..then you just fold it up and close the folder! The whole right page is made into a pocket with a yellow cardstock card to pull out for journaling or pictures. She can have her friends write on some of these tags too!
 This is the back side of the above...left side is two card tags in a slide slot and the right is 3 journaling cards with words at the top in a pocket.
I ended up using things from her past. My theory is...have some of her past for memories...some for the present to make memories and some for the future for her hopes and dreams of making memories!  Her favorite thing for many years when she was little was animal prints...leopard and zebra specifically so of course, I had to make pages of that. Fortunately I had some in my stash! Left side is 3 tags I covered with the leopard print in a pocket made from a small brown paper bag that has a tag in it. Closed, it is fastened with a decorated paper clip. The middle page there is zebra print and a large pocket with a tea dyed paper "book" and......
 turn the pocket page and you pull the book out and can write in it. Page on the right has a pocket of the zebra print and a leopard print writing card to pull out. The part on the pocket is a "secret" thing (she enjoyed playing secret detective) ...pull the brown tab up and it says "Treasure Map" and it is a piece of typing paper, tea dyed, that can be opened to full size and she can write on it, the fold it back up and hide it under the clasp! I don't know if she will "like" that idea now, but when she was around 7-9 years old...she'd a loved, loved, loved it!
 Trying to bring "junk" into the journal, her favorite "food" is mac and cheese so I took a page from a magazine and folded it and inserted it into the binding and also one of her favorite candy,  conversation hearts...these here are cookies, but I think she'll get the point! Same thing..magazine page and slipped into the binding.
Turn the page and there is cute scrapbook paper print of chocolate chips...a pocket and 2 journaling cards. To the right is a pocket with a journaling card in the top. She loved choco chips when she was little and to my knowledge...still loves a handfull every now and then!
For current memories, the next pages are school theme...the lockers there are a printed paper of all lockers so I cut two out, cut some lined paper and stapled to make a book. The papers behind it are just plain and I accented them with grades etc for the school theme and in a denim pocket with a little vintage grade card embellishment. To the right is a tag pocket with lined paper on the front and a lined tag in it..with a pop top glued for the tag pull! Turn the tag pocket and it is the same on the other side and the right page is paper that looks like a chalk board, and a small stack of the Post It notes and some index cards with a paper clip for journaling. That page also is a pocket.
 She loves the beach, so this page I used beach theme print paper.. the shells are a realistic print, the pocket is a paper that looks like sand and I used vellum for the note paper. To the right is water looking paper I made a large pocket opening at top with a flap closure and 2 pages inside for journaling. She loved Orca whales so I had to include a sticker of that!
 Turn the page and on the back of the water pocket is another "sand" paper pocket and shell cards. The duck is a punch art embellishment I made 10 years ago and still had from my scrapbook days. The other side there is slide pocket and more journaling cards.
 I made the pages and assembled the book kind of like from when she was little (first page) to things she liked in the past, to the present of school and ending with "what the future holds" so I thought I hope she gets to travel to see I used a map of New York. I chose New York as there is alot of history there and I believe in kids knowing the history of this country etc...and New York would be her style anyway so I just stopped at AAA and got a map of New York. I used little Post It arrows to show places I am sure she has heard of, to the right is the front of the map with the Statue of Liberty on it, and...
 flip that up and there is the part of NY she probably knows most about..with an arrow pointing to the Twin Towers as 9/11 happened in her life time, Madison Square Gardens, Staten Island  and museums and other things, can't remember right now. I wanted something to resemble a pass port to go along with the travel theme for journaling so I made one as you see there with blank paper inside and the map there is a pocket page where the pass port slides into!
 Last page is a die cut of the skyline...somewhere. It is left over from my scrapbook days and I glued it to make a pocket with some tags and the back cover is more of the map of New York.
There are two more facing page sets, but I think this post is "picture heavy" enough, so I'll stop there.  I think it turned out okay for my first time. The binding is the accordian style and I goofed in that I creased the pages with a 1/2 inch section which would go into the accordian folds, but made the accordian folds only 1/4 inch so a bit bulky in the middle, but with use, I think that will settle down.

I am not sure if she will like it...she is a city girl and a cheerleader in 9th grade and totally with the "e-everything gadget" and not at all crafty inclined so I am not to sure she will understand the point of the journal as it relates to memories but if she doesn't want it, I will just keep it and maybe she will want it later! I will stress to her that she can put anything she wants in the pockets and tuck spots. Notes from her friends, dreams she has for her future she writes to herself, thoughts, pictures, ticket stubs, programs..fill the pockets with anything...write about anything....anything she wants! And it doesn't have to "match" the theme of the page either.

The next book I made is called a "paper bag" journal...but I forgot the paper bag...but it still turned out good... I just have no use for it! I'll have a post about that next week so keep an eye out for the post!  I am hoping to make them  good enough to be able to sell them at a craft fair come November. It would  sure be nice to at least recoop my expenses because as you well know....crafting is not exactly cheap! Plus.. if I make them...I need something to do with them!  Wish me luck!

P.S. On the fabric books, the reason I got distracted enough to find something else is,  I ran out of lace and it is pretty expensive to buy, but I went to a swap meet last week and there was one booth with nothing but lace and ribbons. I bought 2 yards each of 2 different wide, flat lace which is what I was needing, so I plan to go back in a few weekends and get some more, so once I get the initial hoopla out of my system of junk journals.. I can do them at the same time as my sewing room is set up to be able to just sit and do either I want without having to pull things in and out of storage/closet. I got it pretty organized in there! So ....don't leave me now! More to come!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Junk Journal - A New Way to Keep the Memories Alive!


This is the "junk journal" I won in a giveaway last month.  It is made of literally just "junk" papers, cards, tags, labels, odd pieces of paper, etc...all very pretty, cute or otherwise unique. I hadn't a clue as to what it was or what I would do with it but hey.... I won something and.....I sure liked it!

Here are some pictures of some of the pages in the book...all shapes, sizes, themes, colors! Note cards, strips of cards, parts of stationary, tags, labels...kind of like, you name it, there was a "page" of it in there!

But still...what do I do with it? I am not busy enough to make it a planner. I don't have anything to say to journal about. Well, my daughter recently got married and for a very terrible reason, I was not able to get to her wedding. Sad doesn't start to cover how I felt. 1:00pm was the ceremony and at 1:00 I stopped what I was doing and thought about her and then said a little something to her in my mind. I then thought that  I wanted to write that down....but where. Then I thought of this junk journal. It was just a few sentences that I said and a small little prayer, so I needed just a little bit of would be perfect! So I got the book out and looked through for a complimentary page...and found this one of a bride. How perfect.Then I just flipped the card and wrote what I was thinking.

It suddenly hit me...journaling doesn't always have to be about what I do or have can be about others and my special thoughts of them. Well, as they say, one thing lead to another... and thinking this was a good grand daughter just turned 9 the week before...and I thought I'd do the same for I chose this card-page. She loves "old time-y" clothes so this was perfect for her. On the back I "talked" to/about her.

And then my most recent little grand daughter was born, I wrote welcome to the world note to her and this oval "page" of the little girl was a perfect match for her!
Well, nothing to happen for awhile now...but something occured to me on St Patricks day last week. It made me remember the past St Patrick's Days. For years, my oldest grand daughter loved the leprechauns and all that went with them. I would get green sequin shamrocks and secretly sprinkle them around and she'd think they were from the leprechauns and the trail to the pot of gold or to where they lived.  She'd even make leprechaun traps! I would pick her up at school and as I walked to the meeting place, I'd drop the shamrocks as I walked, so when we walked back....she'd see this trail of the little green shamrocks and think she was chasing the leprechauns! The rest of the day she was with me, I'd secretly drop them around and some green plastic coins and It was such a fun time for us! It was great for many years, but now she is a freshman in high school so of course, it is just a wonderful memory for both of us that we like to recall every St. Paddy's Day.  I chose a green "page" in the junk journal and I glued some of the little shamrocks (yes, I have kept them all this time!) to the front of the page, and on the back..just a little note about our fun St Patrick's Day "tradition". So I intend to write a little something about someone on every holiday or time/event that I had in the past with someone and just write like I am talking to them and recall the memory we made together.

More thinking about bringing past memories into present....I  thought about the little notes that this same grand daughter (she will be 15 next week) wrote to me over the years past. I have many of them taped to the mirror in my bathroom so I see/read/remember them every day. What a perfect addition to the book! This one says "I had fun spending the nite at your house and thanks for letting me bend the rules. I had fun". So I just glued the note to a "page" of its size. I don't remember what rules I let her bend but I apparently let her bend the best ones!

 So, I have decided to use  this junk journal to  bring  past memories,  into my present. When finished, not only will i have a nice book of my favorite memories but....anyone can read it and "walk" through my life and enjoy my memories! Since it is not in chronological order, it will kind of be like a time travel thing! (And I enjoy reading books about time travel!)  One page  might be dated currently and the next page could be dated 3 years later, next page 6 months earlier and the next..a year later and the next 8 months prior and so on. It reminds me of that book "Time Travelers' Wife"...where the  guy popped in and out of time during his girl friend/wifes life.  I liked the point of the story but it sure was a hard book to read and keep track of what was going on! The movie stunk! But my time travel journal.. will be awesome and enjoyable and bring lot of smiles to lots of faces!

I am working on a "prolog" for it and since I have always loved Robert Browning's..."Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be..." quote, I think I shall include that some how.  If this world tarries another 50 years, my great and great great grand children will have a little bit of Nanny in their lives..without ever having met me! Plus, memories about when their mothers and grand mothers were little! A journal through a junk journal!

I am also making fabric lace memory books... you can read about that journey HERE on my blog. More memories to preserve and fun to be had while making them! Here's a few pics to show you what a fabric lace memory book is. I am working on making one for each of my 5 grand daughters.

So..this is my start into the world of "junk journals". I love them! They are so cool, neat, groovy, and just really, really amazing...both in how they look and what they are for. And what a great way to use/recycle/upcycle...junk! Granted..."junk" journals are made of literally that...junk...junk mail, junk pieces of paper (see the one page up there...old notebook paper page!) And in this book are pieces of the green ledger paper, graph paper, and things like that. Junk mail days in the mail box are a good place to find junk paper! So I intend to keep looking around and finding things...due to the "no size" limit...anything is possible! I just have to figure how to bind mine. I think like this can be done at Staples and I know there is a kit for sale to do it your self, but I probably won't invest in one of those.  I have since discovered how to make "junk journals" out of my stash of scrapbook papers and embellishments. Different in looks and structure than this style, but still really nice. I have started one and see it is more of a "scrapbook journal" as it looks like double page layouts that I used to do, but works and looks great!

And there is a style to use junky stuff like this...and include it in a junk journal with binding..which is the way I intend on going. So...I am excited and anxious to make these.. and hopefully.... preserve more of my memories. I will be posting more about the scrapbook journal next week.. have a few pages if you want to follow along...join to follow my blog up there on the left side at the top pf this page. I have joined a few Facebook groups that have just the best ladies chatting about their journals and the how-to's and what to do's and things like that. I love sharing, learning and helping other with this amazing craft! Come on and follow along with me! In the mean time... do as I plan to do.. and collect some junk!

And when all is said and done...... since dementia "runs" in my family... when I am old, I think that I will be living the happiest times of my life..since my memories are where my happiest times were!

Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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