Monday, September 15, 2014

Super Hero Tooth Fairy Pillow

My grand daughter turned five and is now in kindergarten. And you know what that means! Loose teeth!  I think that the tooth fairy time for kids is a special time and a fun tradition that I think should be "carried on" throughout the generations! I got a nickel under my pillow... my kids got 50 cents 2 (brand new, shiney quarters!) and  my first grand daughter (now 14) got $5 (from her parents, not me!) But  whatever the "payoff", I like to keep the memories of "old times" in the present so the kids can have their own memories for their future....sooooo ... I made her a tooth fairy pillow.

I always make things specific to the person...their likes, favorite colors and of course it has to be usable too. What does my little Emily like?  Super heros! Her favorite being Wolverine! (I just read, that the writers are going to be killing off Wolverine in the comics here shortly, she is going to be devistated!) But I still had to give her her favorite...and once he is "gone", she will have her memories! 

I started out looking for a pattern. I am NOT at ALL into super heros these days, and my searches found next to nothing about Wolverine (except for the NFL football team by the same name!) But finally someone pointed me to a site (that I have since lost..thought sure I bookmarked it!) and this is what they had.

 I downloaded it to my photo shop and enlarged it and although it is a pattern designed for quilting the image, I just took the lines I wanted, and cut the pieces to applique instead of quilting. Worked great! Black, yellow and a flesh tone for the mouth area.
  I used those colors and red for the background. I cut 12x12 red, batting and the back is black. I appliqued the face of Wolverine onto the red background. I appliqued all the pieces onto the red and then went back and put the batting on the back and did straight stitching on the edges of where I just appliqued (with a thick close zigzag) so that it would have the poofy effect and some dimension.

On the back, I made a yellow pocket (for some reason my photo editor keeps messing up on this picture and won't let me save it, so I can't show it!) But it is just black, with a yellow square in the one corner for the tooth to be put in and then of course, my label.. "Made especially for you by Nanny". 

I added a yellow handle for her to hang it on her doorknob when not in use, or hang on her bed post.. and she can say hello to her beloved Wolverine, every day! When needed, it can be slipped under her pillow! Parents have it so easy these days.. back in my tooth fairy days.. we just layed the tooth on the bed under our pillow...and the parents had to hope they would find it in the dark without waking the child! I remember those days too!

I pinned the hanger to the front, sewed it wrong sides together, turned and pressed, then did another bit of straight stitch outlining just the yellow part of his head and a straight stitch all around the outside edge and FINISHED!!!

I hope she likes it.. I think she will! It is Wolverine, for heaven sake! What's not to like! I am a bit proud of myself on this one to, I have to say, as I have not done this kind of applique in YEARS!! I used to do it on everything about 25 years ago and it as my favorite thing to do, but then I stopped sewing and just picked it back up about 3 years ago. I am happy to know that I have not totally lost my applique touch! I used to be pretty darn good at it! But, a bit of practice to remember all the tricks of the trade and I'll back into shape! I have one more GD who is four and another one on the they will need tooth fairy pillows too!

These are a couple of books I have heard a pretty good (and sound pretty good!) for working with applique...I think I will be getting the 101 Applique Blocks one! Although I used to just look through coloring books (now "online" coloring books!) sometimes I like looking through a real book and finding something.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Doll Diaper Bag and Quilt

I already posted about the doll quilts I made for my grand daughters. But there's more! I got the brain make them doll diaper bags! Searched all over the place for a pattern and found this pattern.   I started with trying to find a fabric in my stash that each girl would like, but that wasn't working to well, when it suddenly hit me... I have lots of the fabric I used for the back of the quilts still available, so I took that fabric and made them each a diaper bag  to match the quilt.

 Then while working, I thought...okay, one of the girls is not a doll girl! She is a camping, football and not so dainty when it comes to anything....I didn't think she was going to like a doll  anything! So I thought, instead of calling them a doll diaper bag and doll quilt,  she can call hers a Treasure Bag and Sitting quilt...she can collect back yard "treasures" in the bag and sit on the little quilt to inspect said treasures!


The quilts fit perfectly in the bag so I'll tell the ones that like dolls that they can use it for that, but I will tell all three of them that it is also a "take it with you" quilt and bag and offer these suggestions:

  • Take it to the back yard and spread the quilt out, and take the bag and go treasure hunting in the backyard and find all kinds of cool rocks, twigs or whatever else... and have the bag to collect the items in. Then go back and sit on the quilt (so they don't get dirty!) and compare and share what each have found.
  • Have mom pack a little lunch  in the bag and lay the quilt out under the tree in the front yard and have a picnic
  • Take it with you when you have to go run errands or have to wait somewhere and put a few little toys in the bag with the quilt. 
  • Use the quilt as a pillow or to cover cold legs. 
  • Take the the bag of toys with you if you are going to a place where you have to wait (like the doctors office).
  • Take the quilt/bag to the beach...lay the quilt out on the sand for your "own" space and take the bag to find shells or other treasures!

  • Give it some thought now and if you have any little girls in your life that would enjoy these doll items..get started now and make them for a Christmas gift...or Birthday gift! And this would also be perfect for a newborn..even the diaper bag would be perfect and the quilt is just big enough for a little newborn blessing!

    This is the kind of template I use to make the squares. I prefer Omnigrid as it is the easiest to see the numbers and lines than other styles I have tried.


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    Friday, August 15, 2014

    A Hopscotch Quilt

    I don't remember why I thought to make this Hopscotch Quilt. Maybe I saw it somewhere and realized it would be a great piece of entertainment for my grand kids when they come over. Due to knee problems, I can't get down on the ground anymore like I used to, so I can't draw the hopscotch with chalk on the driveway or patio anymore. Shame to have to get old!  But..with a HOPSCOTCH QUILT ...I can still teach the kids a game from "back in the day"while getting them out from in front of the TV or game box!

    I was pretty darn good at hopscotch, back in the day. The best ever "marker" was a piece of from a necklace or those little chains that are on a key ring. But, I never got to have one so I always had to  use a rock...but made sure to get one that was NOT round!

    Each square is 12x12 (finished),  And is appx 100" long by 36" wide. The numbers I cut from black cotton fabric that I had pressed iron-on interfacing to the back of for extra stability and then appliqued the number to the center of the block.Once done,  I noticed the 6 was backwards but I wasn't going to rip it all apart all over that! I remember having trouble making the 2 and  the 5 with straight lines - they looked to much alike so I  figured how to make them with more of a curve, and was able to redo those two before I assembled it, but I didn't catch the 6. I made the numbers by hand... I wanted  them 5 inches tall by 1 inch wide. I just did the math and cut the strips, pinned them down and appliqued with zigzag stitch around them and I used a thin fleece blanket as batting. I wanted it to "hold up" to all the jumping so I FMQ'ed it with a meander stitch.
      I used my fabric stash to make the outer squares, then sewed 3 together in the correct order by the numbers position and then sewed the rows together.  Outer sides of the  hopscotch is a sheet I had in my stash.

    And it isn't just a hopscotch! I always have to make things practical. Just "nothing" on the back..what a waste! So I created a Bag Toss game on the back!   I sewed rows of 6x6 inch squares together.  The child tries to toss their little rice bag into that square! I personalized it a bit, and machine embroidered each of my grand kids names onto a square that can be chosen also! The rest of the back is a sheet.
    I chose fabric that had images on it and cut the image out into the square. The Bag Toss game is... stand at the end and (for instance) I will tell the child to toss their bag (a bag of rice) into the (say an image name of a square) and they are to toss their rice bag into that square. Teaches technique, motor skills, balance and concentration and recognition. The little ones weren't quite sure about this...but they will learn and they loved tossing the rice bags!

    In this picture I'd say... "Toss your bag of rice onto the...snowman square" or "toss you bag onto the square of dollar bills!"

    I took it to their house for the first time last week, and they Loved it! The 5 and 3 year old were a bit awkward with the jumping on the hopscotch  and learning to jump over markers and things like that but they still had a blast...and they will learn! The 8 year old was so cute to help them learn. And the funniest thing...all three of them liked the little bean bag markers....BEST!!! I couldn't believe it! Each of them asked if they could keep the bag! I started to think, 'oh good grief...all that work and they like the stupid little bean bag things best?" but then I caught myself and realized... I really enjoyed watching them jump and hop and SMILE some of the biggest smiles I have seen in a long time so who cares what they liked best.. I like THEM best!

    Fabric games are also a great travel item. Take the hopscotch camping, to the beach, on sleep overs and if needed...use it as a quilt to cover up!

    This is a set of alphabet stencils...6 inch tall. Just use a regular pencil and trace them onto your fabric (which has been pressed with iron on interfacing on the wrong side of fabric), cut and applique!

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    Wednesday, August 13, 2014

    How to Cut/Trim Half Square Triangles (HST)

    HST's are my favorite piece to make and use. The possibilities are endless because with just a turn of a HST, the whole pattern of the block changes! Everything from squares, to zig-zag to circles...if you have
     HST's you can make it!
    I have always used Eleanor Burns way of making HST's. There are others, but to me, hers is the quickest and easiest. She has to ways to do is with a HST square up ruler and the other is with a regular square template ruler.

    Here is the link to her UTube video and you can see how quick and easy it is. Give it a will love HST's In addition to HST's being a great way to create a pattern for a block, HST's are also a great way to use up scraps! One solid and "anything goes" with the prints in your scrap bucket and you have a great scrappy quilt! Organize the HST's by color and create a rainbow theme. Give the HSTs to your kids and tell them to put them in whatever pattern they want and you just sew them together. A great way to teach the kids about a craft!

    How To Cut/Trim HST's or Half Square Triangles with Eleanor Burns


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    Wednesday, August 6, 2014

    Can You Say, Back Pack, Back Pack?

    I haven't written on my blog for some time. Life just keeps getting in the way and it hasn't been much happiness.  I also had to give up some of my writing venues as they either closed down or just got to cumbersome to work with.  But I am always glad to have my sewing room as a haven and my talents as therapy! I look back over the last two months and think..did I do anything? And then I make a list and yeah.. I guess I did get alot done in spite of all the drama!

    The biggest and funnest thing I did was make things for my 3 grand daughters ages 8,5 & 4.

    I made them "superman/hero" capes. Searched all over for a pattern then just kind of "winged" it on my own... One was the comic super heros (she loves Wolverine and Hulk), one was Dora, the Explorer and the other one was Disney princess. They loved them but of course, I forgot my camera! But they have a huge backyard with trees and such so they'll be able to swoop all over the place! I lined them with poly/cotton broadcloth...good way to get rid of all that I had stashed up!

    I then had the inspiration to make them back packs. I got a Simplicity pattern and was surprised at how quick I was able to whip them up! Again, one of Dora the Explorer in purple/green camo, one with dinosaurs and one with pink camoflauge. I wanted the closure to be quick and easy, yet heavy enough to hold the flap closed no matter what they stuffed inside! So I chose a large, metal washer and a heavy, metal nut from the hardware store. I made a thin strip of the matching fabric and sewed them to the back pack. I wanted them to be able to just drop the nut into the washer and go instead of ties or clips. They loved them and this time I did take pictures!

     This is Lillyanne..the 4 year old...she loves Dora!
    I used purple to make the flap and appliqued images of Dora and Boots that I cut from the fabric onto the front flap. And then here is how the closure looks. Quick and easy to close, just drop the nut into the washer. The weight holds the flap closed, no matter what is in there!  
    Then there is the Pink Camo...the oldest loves pink camo! I couldn't find actual camo so this is camo made with deers hidden amongst forest branches.
    And the dinosaurs! This one is for the 5 year old...and she is just getting into her dinosaur stage so she was thrilled to have some dinos "on her back". The fabric is a dinosaur print and I made the flap a solid blue and appliqued 3 of the dinos on the flap.
    I also use a bright poly/cotton for the lining in each of them so it isn't so dark inside when they go searching for things!

    They all three turned out really cute and the girls loved them. I just hope the parents remember to let them take them out to play or on the road with them. I told their dad (my son) to let them store outside toys in them, then they can just take and go. Or store writing/coloring supplies in them and then when they want to color, they just take the whole pack pack to the table, color then put it all way right there. And hang them in their rooms on the door knob, a hook on the wall, the bed post, back of a chair...that way they are easy to get to and use,  yet everything is picked up and organized all the while having a cute room decoration!

    This is the pattern I used, if you are interested in making one...or two...or many kids do you have? Make one for each! And with Christmas coming up...this back pack will make a great Christmas gift...especially if you are a distance from the kids..the back pack is light weight and inexpensive to mail!

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    Saturday, July 12, 2014

    Pretty in Pink Bargello Quilt

    I started this 2 years ago. It is a gift from my daughter and she had to move in with me for a bit, so I wasn't able to get it done. When she moved out, I got it out and finished and assembled...still have to do the binding, but am waiting till I can get around to creating a great label for it.

    What do you think about how it turned out? It measures 57"x62". I cut strips of 15 different prints/solids of pink tones and hues (how much fun was that to be able to buy so many pieces of fabric...and not break the bank....I only had to get half a yard of each!  I cut strips from 1" wide to 2.5" wide. Then laid them in the order I chose, and then sewed the strips together lengthwise...and then you cut them into strips that have the order and I cut them 1"-2.5" wide. Then..just play with it and lay the strips out to the pattern you want, matching the colors to make the pattern you want. Sounds hard, but once you get started, it will make sense.If you have the prints in the order you want, the rest is easy...just tedious!

     I chose these fabrics at first, but then dropped the white dot and solid dark pink as they just didn't fit. I purchases 1/2 yard each of 11 fabrics, but when done, it only made a quilt that measured 38x70. A twin size is 60x80. So, moral of this story, if you want a twin size quilt, get 1 yard of each color.  Place the fabrics in the order of your choice. I went light to dark and used prints to make the transition happen nicely. I didn't end up using the white dots or the dark solid pink. Just didn't look so great.
    Using post it notes, number each fabric in the order you want them to go.
     I prewashed, pressed and starched before cutting. Then cut strips of each fabric measuring 2,1/2" by width (salvage to salvage) of the fabric. Fabric is no longer 44/45" like it was back in the day. Now, some is 36" and 40/42 ". So I cut strips from all the fabric and laid them in the order I chose. I sewed 5 sets of 11 fabrics each.

     Due to the fact that the fabrics were different widths off the bolt...the sewn sets came out with uneven ends. So I just took the shortest length and cut the set all the same length on both sides of the section I chose to press the seams open to hopefully help the bulkiness later on when I FMQ'd it.

    This is what was cut off to even the sections. Keep one of them and with a black marker, number the sections of fabric the order in which you have chosen the pattern to be.

     Once you have your 2,1/2 inch strips cut, sew them together by lengths in the order you chose. You will have 5 sections. Sew the width sides together making a tube.
    Lay the tube so that your number 1 fabric is at the top and then smooth it out. Using your rotary cutter, cut strips of the tube in various widths. I found that narrow strips allows the color to travel up the quilt faster and wider strips add width and move more slowly through your quilt So I chose to cut mine narrow. I cut 1, 1,1/2, 2, 2,1/2 strips..remember there is 1/4 seam on each side so a 1 inch cut strip will sew finish 1/2 inch strip.

     Starting with Number 1, cut between #1 and #11. To make the motion in the quilt you have to lay it out like this, and place the colors/squares as you want them and then cut the top end of the tube to the section you need to have it lay in the placement you have chosen. In this picture, none of the tubes have been cut open..just laid out in the order I want. Once I decide the order, I go back to the top first strip and make the cut in the appropriate place.To get the "wave" motion, you can either match seams in the two strips, or match center of previous strip to seam of the new strip. I matched center to seam in this one, but next one, I will match seams. I think I'll get better flow and motion that way. Also, these squares are 2,1/2" tall by the width I cut them,.... next time I will cut the strips and the lengths so they are 1 inch square finished
    I played for awhile with the order and finally decided on the left here. Once the layout has been decided, you just take strip after strip and sew them together. I left the layout on the kitchen table, and brought my sewing machine out to the kitchen and was able to sew them one after the other instead of running back and forth to my sewing room or trying to pin all those thin little strips and hoping I keep them straight!

    It is my first attempt at bargallo. It was an okay pattern, lot of work organizing it. I went from my kitchen table to my queen sized bed for laying the strips out to make the proper waves, but it was relatively easy to assemble. ..just cumbersome! I was hoping for a more wavy pattern instead of such specific "points", but learned half way through that to get a wavy pattern,  you have to cut squares, not rectangles! Next time I attempt a bargello, I will cut .5x.5 inch, 1x1 inch and 2x2 inch strips. That way I think I'll be able to better make the swirl and curves that I like.

    I used fleece for the back. Hated doing the FMQ with fleece. It was hard to move it around. But, it turned out pretty good. I used a wide meander FMQ. She wants a soft, cuddly kind of quilt to wrap up in... not a stiff and heavy quilt! I hope this is okay! 

    I know this sounds like a LOT of hard work...well, in a way it is, but only until you get the hang of it.  The two hardest parts to me was  figuring out the color scheme, as I am terrible at putting colors together. Second, space. My sewing machine was in my bedroom and I had no work space...except the kitchen table. So I was mainly wearing myself out going back and forth! I laid the strips out in the order I wanted on the table, then I would stack up 10-15 strips in that order and take them to my bedroom and llay them out in same order on my bed (behind my sewing machine) and sew them together, then go get the next group from the table....and back and forth like that. But again, once I got the hang of it, it wasn't that hard...just literally a lot of sewing straight seams! And when done I pressed all seams one way.
      Now I have to decide what border/binding to put on. I am thinking the dark pink. I notice that the darks and lights were to close together in density and it kind of looks just like dark pink moving into light pink and you can't even hardly see the patterned prints that are in there.  Something else to keep in mind for next time, or if you are considering making a bargello...don't graduate the colors to closely!

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    Monday, June 30, 2014

    Horses and Butterflies Equal Memories

    2 Christmas' ago. I made each of my grand children a quilt.  I wanted to make each quilt from a favorite thing that the child liked. I started one with the butterflies for my second oldest granddaughter
     then 6 years old. She liked butterflies..she called them "flutterbies".

    Well, I got the quilt top done, and it hit me. She may like butterflies,(who doesn't?) but she REALLY LOVES why am I giving her butterflies! So I set the butterfly quilt aside and made her a quilt with horses. The design was based on the Serendipity books about magical horses that I used to read to her and she loved hearing them. I am sure our reading times with those wonderful horses will be a memory she will treasure! This is the series of Serendipity books...these two were her fav's.

    (More about this quilt later). So on the quilt rack the butterflies went.

     A year later, I needed a TV watching  blanket, so I decided to finish this WIP and use it for ME!  The butterfly quilt has a thin, fleece back (pink zebra print!) and NO batting. I wanted it to be soft and cuddly so I could wrap myself up  while watching TV so it needed to be soft and "bendable" as possible. So I used the fleece and the quilt top only and it worked out perfectly! I FMQ'ed meander stitch throughout, outlining a butterfly or two in each block. The butterfly colors are bright and shiney against the black background because the fabric has tiny little sparkles in it..and they really do sparkle!  It turned out really nice, and warm and cuddly! It measures appx 60x60". Each block is 12x12 with 2" yellow sashings and cornerstones.  


    Here is the butterfly quilt for ME!

    The colors of the cornerstones are matching colors of the butterflies. I had originally gotten the pink zebra fleece for the back as that zebra print in any color was  a favorite of young girls at that time. just is warm and cuddly and colorful for me!

    The memory here? Since I started it for my grand daughter
    ..every time I use it, I think of her!

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    Saturday, June 14, 2014

    A "Symbolic" Memory Quilt

    A "Symbolic" Memory Quilt
    A Quilt and a Pillowcase = Memories for a lifetime

    I am a memory person. I hold them, keep them, make them, display them, remember them and encourage others to do so also... especially my grand daughters. I keep telling them to keep a journal because when they hit mommy's age (notice I didn't say MY age!) they won't remember so many of the wonderful things from their past. I even got them wonderful little journal notebooks from time to time, but far that isn't going so well! They say don't like to write! So I started making them  things that they can  use that will also hold their memories.

    When my grand daughter, Ashleigh was 2-4 years old, I did her day care. So to have some "down" time or to get ready for nap, I'd tell her stories about her favorite book and security items. She loved the bear in the Corduroy books. Especially this story    
    as in the book there is a night watchman that is dressed in police blues and her daddy is a police she thought that was her daddy!

    Her favorite little softie thing she carried. she called "Silkey Bear" (her favorite item). It was a bear head with a little blanket around it, trimmed in silk binding. She she named it Silkey Bear.  I'd tell her stories about Princess Ashleigh (that started as she was all "into" the Disney princesses at that age) and the stuffed animals she had. I did it kind of like the Raggedy Ann Stories where the animals are all still while the child is in the room or playing with them but when the child leaves, the animals come to life. You younger readers might liken it to current-day Disney's "Toy Story"  Princess Ashleigh was always going off to school and when the dolls/animals heard the school bus drive away, they knew they could get up and go on an adventure, making sure they were back in their beds before Princess Ashleigh came home from school!

    Long story short...I wanted to make her a quilt about this favorite time of ours so she would always have the memory. I drew design after design. I had visions of steps, gardens, fences..everything in the story! I even bought fabric to create  areas of the story. But sadly, I couldn't pull it together.   Well, out of no where one day, I  had the brain storm! Instead of making a quilt depicting the story,  I went with a different connotation. Symbolism! I decided to make a Symbolic Memory Quilt! The quilt is small enough for her to play with her dolls on!
    This is the finished quilt....>>>>>>>>>>>>

    The story I told always started out with Cordoroy and Silkie Bear waking up when they heard Princess Ashleigh running out of her bedroom and down the stairs. When they heard the school bus drive away taking Princess Ashleigh  to school, they knew it was okay for them to get up and start their day! They would scurry out  of the house, down the back porch steps, follow the fence along the back yard to the far back corner where they would crawl under the locked gate to the strawberry garden. Once in the garden, they would scurry around looking for Sunny Bunny (her daddy/my son had a pet rabbit named that when he was a kid), who lived in the garden  and he always had a delima  that  the bears would help solve. But they had to be back in their beds before the school bus rambled up the street with Princess Ashleigh.

    I decided to depict the story with colors as symbols instead of the actual impressions.  I have a hard time taking pictures that are perfect in the colors, so the colors didn't come out right. Next to the green binding is a purple boarder, then the diamonds are brown with white dots. The dark pinwheel is really purple, not brown and the other pinwheel is red, not orange!

    The area to the left with the two little friends,  represents Ashleigh's bedroom. The fabric has bedroom things on it. The border of brown diamonds represents the backyard picket fence the bears would follow to the garden. The pinwheels signify the "characters" in the for Cordoroy because of his green overalls, Pink for Silkie Bear as he is pink, Red for Sunny Bunny as his mouth would get red when he ate strawberries (this really happened with the real Sunny Bunny when we fed him strawberries!) and the pinwheel that looks brown in the photo is really purple...Ashleigh's favorite color, which symbolizes Princess Ashleigh in the story. So..the two little bears start in Princess Ashleigh's bedroom (where they are snapped to stay in place when not being played with), they go out along the diamond border (back yard fence) and any of the brown sashings represent the gate to the garden and then the little bears can just wander the garden as she tells the story.

    I cut out one of the Cordoroy bears from the fabric and made it an actual stuffed bear and then designed my own Silkie Bear from some pink fleece (both are about 4" tall), sewed snaps on their backs and on the quilt in the area of fabric that symbolized Princess Ashleigh's bedroom. This way Ashleigh can un-snap the little bears to take them on the "walk" to the strawberry patch!
    This is a close up of the characters and the fabric I found to make the Cordoroy bear. Silkie Bear is a small piece of fleece from my scrap basket!


    This is the back. I couldn't figure out something that went with the Cordoroy theme, but Ashleigh loves four leaf clovers, so what better back to have!   I made a label, bigger than usual, and printed on computer fabric,  the starting of the story.."As Cordoroy and Silkie Bear heard the school bus ramble down the road, they knew it was time to get up!....." and a little more like I described above. Now she will never forget how the story starts and know that she is the one that makes up the rest of it! Hopefully one day when she has a little girl she can recreate the wonderful story times! I gave the quilt to her for Christmas last year. She loved it. And she says she does tell the story to her dolls while sitting on the quilt. 

    The pinwheels are 4, 6x6" HST's (half square triangles) and the diamond fence is 4, 3x3 HST's. Just a turn of an HST creates a different block!The brown sashings are 1" wide and the "bedroom" piece is one large piece.A purple 2" border and 1 inch green binding to finish.
    But that wasn't the beginning!  
    While I was trying to design the quilt, I stumbled on these Cordoroy panels at an online store and just had to have them.  I thought I would be able to use them to make the quilt, but couldn't make that happen. One weekend, I was blessed with Ashleigh being able to spend the whole weekend with me, and she begged to do some sewing...and since I was making pillow cases at the time, I thought I'd teach her to make a pillowcase and advance her sewing talent that I have been teaching her. And then it hit me, what better fabric to use than these panels of her favorite little bear! I cut the pieces and had them waiting for her when she go here and taught her how to make a pillow case!  She was 7 when she made it and it turned out great! She uses it to this day! 

    Here's the story about that.....

    Both of us made so many memories with these two small projects! Just goes to don't need much to make a memory for a lifetime!

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      Thanks for stopping by and...keep on sewing those memories!

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